Created by Horacio Chiesa, ArchismART is a project to create educational and experimental models of architecture which, using participatory games, allow an active reflection on the possibilities of transforming the educational practice.


For this experimental exploration to work it is necessary to understand the unique and essential character of perception as well as the artistic creativity of the children.


ArchismART creates a basic grammar that can stimulate creativity, interlacing, knowledge and imagination, so they will dance together.

ArchismArt around the world

Leno, Brescia - Italy - Palazzo Ciogola Martinoni


Arzo, Mendrisio - Switzerland - Scuola elementare de Arzo

Agno, Lugano - Switzerland - GGM: Gruppo Genitorio della Motagna


Maui, Hawaii - United States - Roots School

ArchismART adheres to the principals promoted by the UIA: INTERNATIONAL UNION OF ARCHITECT

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