Development through architecture


This project is a mean for building both didactic and experiential educational models utilizing architecture and environmental science.  Children of all ages engaged in group games, they design and create spaces, utilizing a wide variety of materials enabling their education to reflect the cultural identity of their community.  Developed in close collaboration with teachers and schools, this program creates workshops that are integrated into the curricula for a wide variety of school subjects.





Groups ages: 6 to 9 - 10 to 13 - 14 to 18
Ask for the possibility for the workshops in Spanish.


The Architecture of the Senses


The objective of this workshop is to develop the skills required to recognize and understand the spatial dimension.

The youngest will find new awareness through creative exercises which emphasize the importance of movement, play, and experimentation in the construction of models.


The Study of Architecture and the Environment


This theme consists of a series of workshops on Nature, Ecology and the Environment.

The objective is to stimulate the child’s consciousness of the fragility of our natural surroundings and the variety of ways in which we can help in the conservation of the planet.

Epsilon Objects:

The Architecture of Thought


We will examine the fine thread that connects technique to art.

The Epsilon Object is born from the principle of the machine which functions without accomplishing work.  Utilizing very simple materials, the students will create tiny universes of sensation which bring together magic and poetry.


Tour of architectonics

(organized and unified design

suggesting architecture)


These workshops are designed to create an awareness and accurate perception of space on a large scale through the study of the most notable examples of architecture throughout history.




Hear lectures, participate in debates and work with a variety of professionals in the fields of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Special Programs:

Special Assistance


Workshops specifically designed for children with learning disabilities and/or special needs: children hospitalized with serious conditions, orphans, refugees, victims of natural disasters who have lost their homes.

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