Fabiana Telechea


English National Teacher

Graduated in the  University of La Plata , Argentina


To whom it may concern


I have been an English teacher in public schools, at different levels ,for so many years, in Argentina.

Three years ago I came across with Allieta and ArchisArt and its creative ways of education. I decided then, to apply one of its programs in the National College of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, at the 5th year in High School.

My students and I worked in the redesign of the building focusing our priority in the student’s needs. They immediately were involved with the project and worked dynamically and with enthusiasm.

I also received and counted with the generous help of architect Horacio Chiesa, in the different shades of the program in an unconditional way.

During these classes my students improved their english, creativeness and discipline, always working freely and smartly.


Any doubt you may have I will be pleased to get in contact.

Bryce Ellory

Founder and Creative Director

Living Compass Maui


I am honored to recommend Horacio Chiesa for entry into your program and hope this letter serves a successful end.


Over the last 3 years I have known Horacio in both professional and personal circumstances, and will herein attest to his character on both counts.


I initially spoke with Horacio via a phone conversation 3 years ago.  At the time I was interviewing facilitators for my outdoor education project, Living Compass Maui, and was inundated with applicants and referrals.  Horacio was recommended by a personal, long time friend of mine, also from his country of origin, Argentina.  I was immediately intrigued by what I understood of his work, although, I felt I was not able to employ him at that time, due, in part to his limited ability with the English language.


In retrospect, I learned, this was a disservice to my company and the families we serve.  My explanation will follow.


The following year Horacio and I spontaneously met in person through yet another friend of mine, here, on a personal note.  We were suddenly sharing a social setting, and he was engaging with my child, and others, in our household.  I was immediately stricken by his kindness and respectful demeanor.  As I observed him I saw very clearly his ability for deep listening and capacity for connecting with each child through humor, gentleness, and loving presence, despite any language differences.  Soon thereafter I requested an interview/meeting toward presenting his work with our group of children in the field.


My experience of Horacio in the professional setting was equally impressive.  He was reliable, prepared, and furthermore, a joy to work with.  He arrived on time, in good humor, and fully equipped with his own working materials.   He contributed to our program with a full day out in the forest, working creatively with the group through expressive art, natural building, reflective awareness (not an easy task with 6-9 year olds!) and fun.  His direct instruction and communication with the children was clearly understandable and effective.  He brought an assistant who worked in support of the day and their pre-class preparation and professionalism was made evident by the seamlessness with which they moved together through the day.


Afterward, Horacio gifted us with a brief video of our day, which was shared with, and received well by, the parents of the children.  This gesture was a step above and beyond the job description, which I believe is another testament as to how deeply Horacio regards his work and understands how to impact those he works with.  I believe his gifts extend far beyond his skills.  His priorities are well placed, which is a quality much needed for those involved in ushering our youth of today into being creative and effective leaders for generations to come.

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